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My Cottage Industry – Script Polishing

As you may or may not know, I’m a college educated Native American English speaker who is also an award winning and produced scriptwriter.

While I do not claim to have any magical powers or inside connections with the likes of Harvey Weinstein, George Lucas or Quentin Tarantino, I have worked with native and non-native English speakers in the past to “polish” their scripts and smooth out the rough bits. All of this without mucking about with their story line or adding plot points.*

*I once tried to work with another writer I truly respected. She was keen to help me finish a Romantic Fantasy feature script I was working on. Sadly, things didn’t turn out as we planned. Her job was to add foreshadowing to what I had already written as I pressed ahead to complete the script. She was aware from the get-go I had carefully outlined my story and worked from a beat sheet. Unable to restrain herself, she added complex and extraneous plot points which dramatically changed the direction and emphasis of my story. Ultimately, we parted ways and I finished the script alone. Lesson learned? “Never monkey with another monkey’s monkey.”

What type of scripts? Shorts, Pilots and Features. What genres? Well, if you’ll take a quick look at my Script Revolution pages you’ll find posters, loglines, synopses and writing samples covering the different genres I have written:

I work in and produce editable Final Draft 10 pages in standard script format. FD 10 is not the latest and greatest version, but I’m told it is compatible, both forward and backwards, with all other versions of Final Draft.

How much? Send me a few pages of your script and I’ll give you a quote. Payment will be 50% up front and balance upon completion…AND NO, I will not work for a percentage of the profits when and if your boffo script becomes the darling of Hollywood, Bollywood or Wherever.

Good luck and all the best,

John Hunter, Winter Park, Florida, USA, in a tiny cottage under the shade of a large oak tree.


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The Orb


“An attractive female visitor from outer space with an insatiable appetite for life visits Earth.”

The Orb is a highly ambitious and very visual experimental script about a drop-dead-gorgeous female predator who comes to Earth for a visit and stays for dinner.

Please don’t let the complete lack of dialogue or (2) page length fool you. In the right hands this could be a festival darling to showcase the talents of a truly gifted visual artist/filmmaker/director.

And if the need arises, I do have the notes to turn this into a feature. In which case, this becomes a Proof of Concept.

The Orb also exists as a short story included in Aisle Seat, a Collection of Slightly Dark and Quirky Short Stories by John Hunter, available on Amazon Kindle.

The Orb v4

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Let’s Write a Script


A curious nature has led me down many paths: former Peace Corps volunteer, big ticket sales engineer, commercial graphic artist, packaging design consultant, recovering golfer and more recently, an award winning and produced scriptwriter.

As a writer, my voice is character driven, slightly dark and quirky with a dash of humor. Four of my shorts have been produced and some of my work has been turned into quick and easy to read entertainment. As a FREE sample of my prose, see Zentangles, a cautionary urban tale about an obsessive young woman who gets absorbed in her artwork.

Someone helped me get started, so to repay this kindness I’m now moonlighting as an irascible and remote scriptwriting coach. Send me one page of your work in editable scriptwriting format and I’ll try to get you pointed in the right direction. For those who don’t know what they don’t know, I here offer the following guide:

Let’s Write a Script

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Graphic Novels

My Adventures in Graphic Novels

So I wrote this two part Sci-Fi Horror Space Opera which asks, “Why do monsters always have to be so big?” Like many of my projects, this one started out as a short script which was well received and showcased on Shootin’ The Shorts. I was encouraged to expand the storyline and did. In a mere two or three years, the expanded work turned into a two part, novella length, self-published ebook written in my own patent pending not-so-wordy style – Why use 400 words to describe a sunset when 10 or 15 will do?

For those unfamiliar with self-publishing, it’s a lot like pissing yourself while wearing a dark blue suit. It will make you fell warm for a little while, but then nobody notices. So unless you can catch lightening in a bottle, your Magnus Opus can soon be buried under by the approximately 400 newer titles uploaded each day on Amazon – That’s approximately 12,000 newer titles in a month…And many of these are offered for FREE.

The term fierce competition does not do justice to the reality of epublishing. I can not speak with first hand knowledge of the expensive promotional campaigns and stratagems used by other aspiring authors to recoup pennies on the dollar, but guys talk and you do hear things.

At this point in my journey, I sobered up and wandered off in the direction of the wonderful land of Graphic Novels. A wondrous place ripe with the promise of fame and fat profits!

Someone in the back raises their hand and asks, “So how’s that going for you?”

I look a the ground and softly reply, “The jury is still out…”

How hard could it be? Well, in my brief study of the subject, your Rain Man’s Gotta Mad Skills or you must have deep pocket. To play this game requires a Writer (you maybe?), a very good digital illustrator or old school artist with outrageous pencil and ink skills, a Colorist with way impressive talents, a Captions-Dialogue person and a Publisher who is willing to take a quick look at the first 10-15 completed pages of your highly speculative work. 

I hasten to add, most publishers are flooded with many submittals – Some good, some bad and some are just awful. In addition to first pages, a proof of concept will be required from new creators: A graphic novel script with page-by-page and frame-by-frame breakdown

If you still have the strength to even think about Graphic Novels after this beat down, read my Lighten Up posted here on this blog and then just do it!

Lighten Up

whipping post

Please excuse my long absence. I’ve been oh so busy slacking and streaming ‘Why the hell did I watch this crap?’ films on the internet. As an act of contrition, I here humbly offer a short piece about not being afraid to fail.

This inspirational ‘Go Get’em’ is a re-post from the Blog Section on Script Revolution ( where many of my scripts languish in digital obscurity awaiting to be discovered.

Lighten Up

Don’t tie yourself to the whipping post. If you enjoy to write, write. It can be cathartic and in most cases harmless. While you may or may not be any good at it, who cares? Flex your muscles, put that brain to work, develop your own unique voice. As long as it makes YOU happy and you’re not harming yourself or others…Do it!

Feverishly create all the non-commercial, unsolicited and never compensated for dreck you like. Don’t hold back. Do it to your heart’s content! Do it until you need glasses. Create and fling all that stuff out into the void…Who knows? Perhaps something will stick?

“There’s no such thing as an innocent pixel!”

And don’t worry about all those pixels – There’s infinite storage capacity in the digital clouds for all the dull, lifeless, sleepy-time shorts, features, pilots and episodic content this and future generation can produce.

On the downside, your efforts will never receive much more than a tepid “That’s nice dear” from your enabling mother or long suffering significant other, but hey, they knew the job was dangerous when they took it, right?

On the upside, while writing, you won’t be out and about robbing liquor stores or pinching the heads off of little bitty ones. So where’s the harm?

I do hasten to add one small caution: If you see black SUVs with darkened windows circling your block, cut back on the violent rants posted on social media.

True Confession: I’ve enjoyed writing all manner of not-so-wordy stuff for many, many year. To date, I haven’t seen enough glitter in the bottom of the pan to buy a pack of chewing gum. Be that as it may, onward and upward!

Bad Hair Day

bad hair day.png


“Late to work and in a hurry, a completely ordinary young woman has a nagging suspicion something extraordinary is happening around her.”


As a completely ordinary and disheveled young woman walks to her completely boring job at a call center, she passes through multiple times lines. Each of these time lines is similar, but all have different outcomes. At the end of her journey, all she retains is a vague suspicion something extraordinary may have happened in her dull and uneventful life.

Bad Hair Day is actually a less expensive re-write of my Time Lines which was dripping car crashes, shoot outs and expensive FX. The original version was optioned several times, but then reluctantly abandoned due to its BIG budget requirements.

The lesson learned in this (5) page short? Keep it inexpensive and easy does it on the FX…Especially in a short-short.

Here’s the script and enjoy the read!

Bad Hair Day V3

© Copyright 2017 | John Hunter |





“A drug and alcohol addled homeless man living on the streets gets a once in lifetime opportunity to give back to the community.”


This is a dark, (6) page, low budget, horror short with minimum sets, small cast, no slashing and no FX.



© Copyright 2018 | John Hunter |


Above the Maze


Everyone has to be somewhere, doing something all the time. The obvious caveat being IF you’re alive, on this side of the grass and not taking a dirt nap.

The slacker, gamer, politician, salaryman, narcissist, thot, incel and housewife, all find ways to fill their time and push back the great unknown.

From birth, we are raised within “realities” complete with norms, cultures, belief systems, goals and expectations. Most never imagine there are other ways to live our lives. At best, some may recognize others as foreign or different, but only in terms of, “They’re different from us and we’re not like them.”

Some realities are more attractive than others. Some are restrictive, others offer more so-called personal freedom, but without exception, most offer an array of activities designed to give our lives structure and purpose. Without purpose, what would we do with our time? How would we be able to gauge our level of satisfaction, success or failure?

So many things to do and so little time. What to do? Well, you could join a Jihad, toil your life away to enable another, become a writer, SJW or live on social media – The possibilities are endless. Readily available to most is a cornucopia of compartmentalized, self-sustaining, mini-realities to fully absorb your every waking hours and torment your dreams. Enough to keep us from ever looking up.

Without being judgmental, entanglement in one of these boxes is our birthright – It’s inevitable – Good enough for everyone that came before us and those to follow. These realities engulf us from the moment we take our first breath of life and end only with our deaths.

Now for a moment let’s imagine at some point in your journey through life, you were able to climb up above your section of the maze to gain a different perspective.

From an elevated vantage point above your maze, you might see what people like Elon Musk and others have described as a simulation, but not just one…A gaggle of them.

Beyond our own personalized simulations, it is suggested there is a hidden, and unseen base reality. Something completely different from the everyday world we live in.

For me, this is the exciting part. What would this ‘other place’ look like? And what is the purpose and function of the beings or people who run this unseen base reality? Do they dismiss us as inferiors or envy us?

© 2019 Copyright | John Hunter |

The Lean Times


This is the pilot for the Lean Times Series, a collection of interrelated stories which uses an apocalyptic event as a common time reference. My award winning Baby Soup which won the 2013 Florida Independent Filmmakers Contest is one of the stories in this series. A complete series outline and other episodic content is available. This series needs a good home. Let’s talk.


A paranoid delusional homeless man accurately predicts an apocalyptic event which nearly wipes out humanity and ushers in a dangerous new reality.


A paranoid delusional homeless man accurately predicts an apocalyptic event which nearly wipes out all of humanity. The event throws the Earth off of its axis enough to radically change the weather. Those lucky(?) enough to survive the Event find themselves in a much colder world with dark skies. There is no law, order, power, grocery stores or modern conveniences of any kind – This new world is ruled by necessity, brutality and barter. As The Lean Times begin, a small potato is more valuable than a woman’s virtue and predation of the weak by the strong is commonplace.

Please enjoy the first pages of The Lean Times:

LEAN TIMES PILOT 14 pages v6

© Copyright 2016 | John Hunter |